Sometimes you have to be speechless for a while to say something meaningful. There is no reason for talking just because you have to say something.
Quality stands above quantity.



"In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit."

Time period.

It is funny how people laugh about time periods in our lives. For example, how long you haven't smoke/drink/use drugs, how long you're in a relationship, how long have you been away from home etc.
Hello, you have to start somewhere, right???



Oh, Chicago is such a beautiful city. I had so much fun there, I wish weather would have been much better but I had so much fun with Irina and her friends. Very soon I'll go there again :)



Had wonderful time today. I couldn't even imagine that I will ever again feel this way.
Tomorrow I'm going to NBA playoff game Cavaliers vs. Celtics. Hopefully we will win. Why wouldn't we? I bet we will win playoffs after all.
And this weekend I'm going to Chicago. Oh, amazing!


"Everyone is always going through tough things, the irony in it is that everyone thinks what they're going through is just as hard as what you are. Life isn't about surviving this, it's about understanding this." Nicholas Sparks

"People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past." Nicholas Sparks