Christmas time is coming! Indeed!

Christmas songs are everywhere!

Being vegan.

So, day 4 as a vegan has come to an end and I feel truly amazing!
Today I went vegan-grocery shopping. Wow, it is really hard to find real vegan foods. But, I bought everything I needed. Also, since I'm vegan now, I have to pay more attention not only to nutrition facts but also ingredients. I downloaded this app for my phone where I can check if any ingredients, I don't know, is or it's not vegan. Amazing! I'm very excited to make tons of vegan foods tomorrow, some desserts included.
So far I feel very good, even my energy level is high and I had no problems working out, what I was little bit concerned about!


P.S. Yesterday I went to this fair at Union square in Manhattan and there I bought my first vegan chocolate! Soooooo delicious :)
Love being vegan!


REALLY, your thoughts are more powerful than you thought!

No wonder there are such saying like: "be careful what you wish for because you might get it" or "when you wish something, everyone in the world gathers together to make your wish come true". It is so true. We can actually make changes in our lives.
If we'll think that we're ugly/fat/unsuccessful and nothing/no one can help then yes, we'll always stay ugly/fat/unsuccessful and nothing/no one will ever be able to help us. Everything STARTS in your head!

So, better start thinking positive thoughts, smile more, compliment people and trust me, you'll be much happier person! Because all changes always starts within you!

Remember, take step by step!
Good luck world,


I have had a great weekend so far.

Yes, New York City is taking good care of me.


So, on Friday, November 26th, I decided to become a vegan. Some of you might already know that I am a vegetarian for about 3.5 years, so, I think it won't be that hard. It's been two days, being vegan (which, for you who might don't know, means that I'm not eating any animal products, like, meat, fish and dairy) and honestly, I feel truly amazing. I read this one book, I can't remember name of it right now, and it really convinced me to become vegan. Seriously! This cruelty against animals has to stop!

I must say that, the same as it was with me, being vegetarian, I'm not going to push my opinion towards anyone. So, don't worry, you're not going to hear any lectures from me every time when you'll reach for steak or glass of milk!

Have a wonderful night, America!
Good morning, Europe!



As simple as that!

If you can't communicate with people without hurting, offending them or without sense of respect then just DON'T talk and simply shut up!

Black Friday

It's BLACK FRIDAY today. Which basically means - stay away of stores or you'll get killed! People actually wake up at 3 am just to go shopping. It's crazy what people are capable of in the name of good deal (or not so good but who cares, right?!).
Anyways, this Thanksgiving was very nice, much more different than last year's but a good one. Some things came up on my mind to think about, which is good, of course. My pumpkin pie came out great, even better than last year!

P.S. Now it's going to be all about Christmas...!

Influence on ...

Sometimes we just can't affect everything. The hardest part is to learn how to live with that and just move on.


New York, New York.

So weird that now, when I remember, few years ago, every time I heard Frank Sinatra's song "New York, New York", my deepest desire was one day to go there. And now, I can spend every single weekend there, if I want to. As they say, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it :)

Greetings from New York, everyone!

Pumpkin pie.

So excited!
Tomorrow I'll make my second pumpkin pie ever! I hope this one will be even better than last year, even though I doubt it :)
When it will be ready, I'll put on pictures and reviews on how AMAZING it was!

Coloring book.

Who said that coloring books are only for children??
I went to the store and bought one and crayons.
It is such a relaxing thing to do!


No way!

Hello, people!
It's only November 19th and everyone starts to buy Christmas trees??? Are you kidding me??? It's over a month left till Christmas! Can't you, guys, wait till, at least, after Thanksgiving??



Communication between people actually is very interesting thing. At the beginning of relationship it is crucial, you just have to communicate all the time in order to get to know that other person. But when we have very close relationship with someone, I like that we can just be silent. There are just few people in my life with whom I am very good friends with and we can just sit next to each other and be silent. And feel good about it. Not intimidated. That's when you know, relationships (true and long-lasting)have been established.
Thank you, friends, for allowing me to enjoy silence with you!

Brighter future!

Negative thoughts and self-programming is amazing thing! We, not only, see negative things is ourselves and others but we don't even see positive things anymore. We always start with what is bad, not good.
When we say to ourselves every single day that we can't, that everyone else is better, prettier, skinnier, smarter etc than us, guess what, we start to believe in that! And when others try to compliment us, we think they're lying. We should start to smile and be more positive about things and people around us. Let's start to take baby-steps. Let's smile to a stranger, give a compliment to person we don't know. Trust me, it will pay off with your happiness every single day without any particular reason!
Let's break this negative/self-programming circle once and for all!

What if!?!?

I need that miracle! Right now I truly need it!
Well... what can I say? If it will happen then maybe after all, it is meant to be...!



Some new facts about obesity in US.
I recommend you to watch a movie "Killer at Large". It made me think about health issues that this country has. And it is not only problem in US, it becomes a problem in the world too.


"You must do what you feel is right."

Ok, here it is.
I have been thinking about some things lately, especially today, since I was wandering around Manhattan all alone (what I truly enjoyed because it allowed me to be with myself in this huge city).
How important it is to be alone. Few people has mentioned here and there that I have to learn how to be lonely, how to be comfortable being just with myself. And, actually, I think that this time of my life is perfect for learning that. And honestly, I start to enjoy it. So, now I'm on that self-centered track, where I'll learn new things about myself, I'll listen to myself more than I have ever done it and I'll accept myself. More then ever!


This feeling...

Just can't help it.
Again, I have this feeling that I want to took off with the plane and just disappear. It is very interesting, actually, because I have this feeling about once a year. And now, again. Should I ignore it?!


Book vs. TV/PC

The moment when you know that book, you're currently reading, is great, is when you chose book over TV/computer in your spare time.

"You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions." Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat. Pray. Love"

5 am.

Over the time, it has been proven that there is nothing better than workout at 5 am. While you're working out, you can see sunset in your window - wonderful feeling for sure!
Good morning America!

P.S. Happy Veterans day, America! Happy Lāčplēša diena, Latvia!


Step by step.

"I guess I'm learning, little by little, that we decide what our lives are going to be. Things happen to us, but it is our reactions that matter." TV show "Felicity"


This entry is dedicated to my best friend Monta.
She's the best friend ever! Everything you could wish from a real friend. Even though we are so far away and we haven't seen each other for about 15.5 months, she has always been there for me. I just wish that I have been there for her too. If I have ever needed, she can kick my butt in order for me to wake up, what I needed today, especially! And the best part is that, she never gives advices, she just tells her point of view in order to open my eyes and start to think about things on my own.
Dear friend, you're more than a friend to me. You're my family!

Love you,

P.S. Miss you every single day!



Amazing movie! I must admit that obviously I'm getting old because I was crying throughout the whole movie... I mean, I know why I was crying. Because I don't have any siblings and I know that noone would do this for me. Because as I have always stated, friends and people in our lives come and go but family stays. Always!
I suggest this movie because this movie is based on a true story, on a true love between brother and sister. About true feelings without wanting to get benefits out of action. Very good movie! I give this movie ***** stars!

Different Sunday.

My morning started with breakfast in bed. So awesome! :) I truly felt like a princess!
Thanks to my family (:


Different Saturday.

Today I'm spending all day in the kitchen in order to make foods for whole week. So far I have made zucchini-yogurt whole grain muffins and vegetable casserole. Next on my mind is shrimp-pasta salad and maybe tuna salad too.
Anyways, I'm in a great mood today!
This evening I'm planning on going to club/bar to celebrate my birthday with Amanda and Felicia. It should be so much fun :)



That's what I call an addiction - me, who's not a morning person, waking up at 5 am just to workout... It feels as such a great way to start my day! Hope it will go well!

Good morning America,


Not sure why but I'm in emotionally very strange place right now.
It feels that something is changing, maybe it's because my birthday is coming, maybe because it's been such a long time since I'm here, maybe because... I don't know yet. But, as I remember, my best friend always used to say, that when I start to look into the past, start to watch old movies/tv shows that has been very important for me, it is time for change. And I think she's right. No wonder, she's my best friend. She knows me better than I know myself.

Also, good changes has been happening with my blog. I was going through last year entries and I realized that at some point I wasn't writing so much as I used to.. why? not sure, really. But now I'm back on track and I write about my feelings, my thoughts and life around me.

I'm looking forward to these changes that are happening with me, even I don't know what is it yet...

Good night America, good morning Latvia!

If it happens, it happens.

Yes, things happen to us but only our reaction to these things really matter.